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Introducing Rhea,Iona and Aimee....a story of three ladies !!! ( Part 4)

Aimee felt both embarrassed and angry at the same time when she saw Rohan coming inside the library. He seemed quite surprised when he saw Aimee from a distance. With a smile he approached closer to Aimee while he rubbed his wet hair with his right hand at the same time. He was wearing a maroon and white stripped T-shirt and a blue pair of jeans. He looked very cute when he smiled and he was another two steps far away from the chair nearest to Aimee. She acted as if she has overlooked him and continued to bury herself inside the book. He started," Hello ! Aimee, what a pleasant surprise ! Do you remember me? Can I sit here for a while?" He stood still waiting for an answer. Aimee looked up at him and said, " Have I met you before? Your face seems familiar. You can sit here but you can't talk. This is the library know ! People come here to read not to talk. " And after that she again started to read her book silently. Rohan felt a bit uneasy and instead o…