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Introducing Rhea, Iona and Aimee.....A story of three ladies!!! (Part 6)

They both went to the nearby coffee shop ( CCD ) and Rohan held the door open for Aimee and again hurried to pull her the chair and every gesture revealed his happiness he felt with her acquaintance. They both sat facing each other and after a brief silence Aimee cleared her throat to speak. She was thinking all the while about the conversation she was going to carry out with Rohan. She wanted to make it clear that accepting the offer of a cup of coffee didn't mean that she has fallen for him. But assessing the situation , both past and present, she decided not to break his heart once again in the same day.Rohan smiled at her when she uttered his name. It sounded so sweet and different. He looked at her as if he would never see her again in life which made Aimee a bit uncomfortable. When he realized that, he stood up and went to the counter to fetch the menu card. Offering the menu card, Rohan asked her jovially keeping his left hand folded at his back, " Madame, what can I o…