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'Swaach Guwahati' in my mind !!

The most important question today is ...can we ??
We all dream, discuss,write (the act I am into right now) of a beautiful city , Guwahati . But have we ever questioned ourselves what did we do or what are we doing to beautify it.
Let me start with myself.... I clean myself,I clean my house...because it's my house and no one would bother to come and clean it for me. I also help my kids to clean themselves because I am their mother and it's a part of my duty towards them. Everything said and done....we are a tidy set of human beings stepping out of our clean shelter we call home to the outer world which no one consider their own.The city we live in, I feel, doesn't have anyone taking care of it. Or maybe the caretaker mother (of Guwahati ) passed away without teaching her children  to keep it least my daughter compelled me think so.
It so happened that like a good mother I was trying to teach lessons of life to my daughters. I almost yelled at them for keeping…