'Swaach Guwahati' in my mind !!

The most important question today is ...can we ??
We all dream, discuss,write (the act I am into right now) of a beautiful city , Guwahati . But have we ever questioned ourselves what did we do or what are we doing to beautify it.
Let me start with myself.... I clean myself,I clean my house...because it's my house and no one would bother to come and clean it for me. I also help my kids to clean themselves because I am their mother and it's a part of my duty towards them. Everything said and done....we are a tidy set of human beings stepping out of our clean shelter we call home to the outer world which no one consider their own.The city we live in, I feel, doesn't have anyone taking care of it. Or maybe the caretaker mother (of Guwahati ) passed away without teaching her children  to keep it clean....at least my daughter compelled me think so.
It so happened that like a good mother I was trying to teach lessons of life to my daughters. I almost yelled at them for keeping their room untidy. As always I started to enrich them with my gyan...they term as 'lectures of Maate'. Little did I know then that it would transform into a suicide bomb that would blast on me one day .
 I told them to learn the disciplinary ways of life so that they grow up as an asset to the society and not as a burden. The first lesson of independence, I told them, is to organise and maintain a clean and disciplined life and it starts from their room. The lesson of tidiness was important to assure me , as a mother, that my kids would intelligently survive  even in my absence  ....I was not sure what they perceived from it but I felt accomplished when both nodded their heads in unison.
All hell broke when Pipi, my younger daughter asked me one day keeping the context in reference to the lecture I poured on them the other day ...," Ma...tell me one thing...  who are the children of our city, Guwahati  ? You told us that day that cleanliness is the first lesson of life....the streets are dirty, there are piles of accumulated  filthy garbage  beside the roads, the pan-spits in  and around  make the city dirty....but nobody cares to clean it....Why ?? Did the mother of our city not teach her children the lesson of cleanliness? Who are the children btw ?" 
I felt ashamed.... I couldn't compose the answer to her question instantly . She compelled me to ponder on my own preaching and actions.
I thought to myself, "we can only think of a beautiful city if we create beautiful,sensible and emotional human beings."
"We are the children of our city ...my darling! You and me.... We all are responsible for its cleanliness. We shouldn't throw litter in and around except for the garbage bin. And at the same time shouldn't allow somebody else to do it...just like the way I teach you two to keep our house clean."
'Beauty' is a word tenderly used not only to epitomise  the outer appearance of a being but it is also used to delineate the inward artistry of the soul.
By 'Sensibility' I wanted to portray the capacity of intellectual and aesthetic distinctions of an individual.
And 'Emotionality' binds both 'Beauty' and 'Sensibility' to complete the  being we  conceive as 'human'. Only when we all become human beings in the true sense, we can dream and create a beautiful society, both physically and emotionally.


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