'Swaach Guwahati' in my mind !!

The most important question today is ...can we ??
We all dream, discuss,write (the act I am into right now) of a beautiful city , Guwahati . But have we ever questioned ourselves what did we do or what are we doing to beautify it.
Let me start with myself.... I clean myself,I clean my house...because it's my house and no one would bother to come and clean it for me. I also help my kids to clean themselves because I am their mother and it's a part of my duty towards them. Everything said and done....we are a tidy set of human beings stepping out of our clean shelter we call home to the outer world which no one consider their own.The city we live in, I feel, doesn't have anyone taking care of it. Or maybe the caretaker mother (of Guwahati ) passed away without teaching her children  to keep it least my daughter compelled me think so.
It so happened that like a good mother I was trying to teach lessons of life to my daughters. I almost yelled at them for keeping…

" Midlife zephyr "--- A short story.

Juggling thoughts !

As a child my mind always used to ask questions which my lips would seal them inside for the fear of making myself look stupid in front of others. Although I tried to be a very obedient child of my parents, somehow I would always land up becoming the culprit of one or the other mischief in our house.I would always try to explain my innocence but my lips would never cooperate. But my father has taught me many lessons while rectifying my mistakes which I have realized are helping me to look at life from a completely different perspective.
        A mother gives birth to a child by nurturing the little life inside her womb for nine months. She is considered as the person closest to her child and the child's absolute identity. Although I vehemently, speak and write about women and her powerful self,my perspective in this case seems to deviate far away from me being a feminist. As my fingers are typing and my mind working at the thought process of whatever comes out  …

Unspoken thoughts of a woman !!

Introducing Rhea, Iona and Aimee.....A story of three ladies!!! (Part 6)

They both went to the nearby coffee shop ( CCD ) and Rohan held the door open for Aimee and again hurried to pull her the chair and every gesture revealed his happiness he felt with her acquaintance. They both sat facing each other and after a brief silence Aimee cleared her throat to speak. She was thinking all the while about the conversation she was going to carry out with Rohan. She wanted to make it clear that accepting the offer of a cup of coffee didn't mean that she has fallen for him. But assessing the situation , both past and present, she decided not to break his heart once again in the same day.Rohan smiled at her when she uttered his name. It sounded so sweet and different. He looked at her as if he would never see her again in life which made Aimee a bit uncomfortable. When he realized that, he stood up and went to the counter to fetch the menu card. Offering the menu card, Rohan asked her jovially keeping his left hand folded at his back, " Madame, what can I o…

Introducing Rhea, Iona and Aimee.....A story of three ladies!!! (Part 5)

The sound of the rain falling on the metallic rooftop of the library made Rohan depressed after he decided to stand in the verandah rather than to sit in the chair near Aimee after her unexpected rude behavior. He was wondering why did she behaved so arrogantly ...."The arrogance of the one that you love so intensely stabs your heart so deep that it bleeds profusely and it pains real bad. " He leaned on the wall and closed his eyes before his  moistened eyes  embarrass him before the others present.
  Rohan is a very sensitive kind of a person , compassionate with a charming personality ...well built physique and a cute face. He has been popular amongst his friend circle because of his compassion towards the deprived people. Once he came across a young boy who was wearing a dirty torn shirt and a pair of shorts. The boy was begging for food from the restaurant's owner where Rohan and his friends were having lunch. Rohan noticed that the owner refused to give the boy any …

Introducing Rhea,Iona and Aimee....a story of three ladies !!! ( Part 4)

Aimee felt both embarrassed and angry at the same time when she saw Rohan coming inside the library. He seemed quite surprised when he saw Aimee from a distance. With a smile he approached closer to Aimee while he rubbed his wet hair with his right hand at the same time. He was wearing a maroon and white stripped T-shirt and a blue pair of jeans. He looked very cute when he smiled and he was another two steps far away from the chair nearest to Aimee. She acted as if she has overlooked him and continued to bury herself inside the book. He started," Hello ! Aimee, what a pleasant surprise ! Do you remember me? Can I sit here for a while?" He stood still waiting for an answer. Aimee looked up at him and said, " Have I met you before? Your face seems familiar. You can sit here but you can't talk. This is the library know ! People come here to read not to talk. " And after that she again started to read her book silently. Rohan felt a bit uneasy and instead o…