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Introducing Rhea,Iona and Aimee....a story of three ladies !!! (part3)

Aimee lazing in the swing chair in the porch with a book in her hand was lost in her thoughts. The cup of tea that she was sipping  a while ago laid beside her in the floor half filled. She was thinking about Rohan...the crazy guy who has been following her for a couple of months now. The other day in Iona's place....Rhea's confession has compelled her to think about this guy. She hasn't mentioned about him to anyone not even to Iona and Rhea ...whom she considers as her best friends now. The irony about this crazy guy is that he is 3 years younger than her and is crazily in love with her. He follows her with his bike to almost everywhere she goes. He came to her one day when she was shopping in a mall and without any hesitation revealed his love for her. She told him to get lost without paying much attention. She thought that it was very weird of a guy to fall in love with a gal who is elder to him. Strangely...she was thinking of him today and everything he did from day …

Introducing Rhea,Iona and Aimee....a story of three ladies !!! (part 2)

After waking up Rhea would always sneak- a- peek at the newspaper and then would rush to brush her teeth. That day when she peeped at the paper,she sprung like a spring and rang up Iona to declare that the HS results would be declared the following day. " Hey ! Babe, Good morning ! And guess what your results would be out tomorrow....aren't you excited? Don't worry! we will be there with you, after all, what are friends for? " She was going on and on when Iona realized that she should stop her before she gets her nervous. " Rhea, when did you woke up , did you had your breakfast ? Brush you teeth , take a bath and have your breakfast and come over to my place...I will need you guys today...So hurry up...Babe!!" Dropping the receiver, Rhea rushed to the bathroom . She wanted to be a very good friend to both Iona and Aimee. This friendship was  very precious to her as none of her schoolmates had friends above their own age-level...and this friendship was her p…

Introducing Rhea,Iona and Aimee....a story of three ladies !!! ( Part 1)

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same."
Friends are those people whom God creates for the sole reason of loving you for what you are. They are the angels who takes care of you when you need them the most. And here is a story of three such best friends who have been together although they don't belong to the same age group.

Rhea, a 18 year old extremely chocoholic ,carefree and a cute looking girl who is noticeably fair and has a dimple which pops up in her right cheek whenever she smiles. She knows she's beautiful but the extra pounds accumulating in her for her excessive intake of chocolates keeps her a bit far from being termed as 'sexy'.She is pursuing her bachelor's degree in Zoology now.
 Iona , a 24 year old bespectacled  computer genius with a slightly tanned complexion is least bothered about her looks and has a very high ambition of being a CEO one d…