Introducing Rhea,Iona and Aimee....a story of three ladies !!! (part 2)

After waking up Rhea would always sneak- a- peek at the newspaper and then would rush to brush her teeth. That day when she peeped at the paper,she sprung like a spring and rang up Iona to declare that the HS results would be declared the following day. " Hey ! Babe, Good morning ! And guess what your results would be out tomorrow....aren't you excited? Don't worry! we will be there with you, after all, what are friends for? " She was going on and on when Iona realized that she should stop her before she gets her nervous. " Rhea, when did you woke up , did you had your breakfast ? Brush you teeth , take a bath and have your breakfast and come over to my place...I will need you guys today...So hurry up...Babe!!"
Dropping the receiver, Rhea rushed to the bathroom . She wanted to be a very good friend to both Iona and Aimee. This friendship was  very precious to her as none of her schoolmates had friends above their own age-level...and this friendship was her pride. In no less than 30 minutes, she got ready to take off to Iona's place. By now all of their parents came to know about their invincible friendship.So, Rhea announced to her mom that she's leaving and going to Iona's place as the three of them wanted to spend the day together and that she will have lunch in Iona's place itself.
Iona's place is about a 20 min ride by a cab from Rhea's. Rhea decided to take a cab and reached Iona's place in not more than 15 min as the traffic was less as it was "Good Friday".Rhea greeted Iona's parents who were having their breakfast in the dining hall. " Good morning ! Uncle-auntie. Is Iona home? We have decided to spend the day together as tomorrow is her big day. Is she nervous? She seemed very worried over the phone. We will have lunch here ...auntie. I hope that won't be much of a problem." Rhea can go on and on until someone interrupts her in between. Without much delay Iona's mom told her to go straight to Iona's room upstairs while she sends something for them to eat. Iona's mom smiled very rarely but Rhea's blabbering always makes her laugh.
Rhea rushed upstairs to Iona's room and knocked at the door. When Iona flung open the door, Rhea nervously hugged her and murmured not to worry. She then went to Aimee who was already there and hugged her too. Aimee finds some of the gestures of Rhea very freakish. But thats Rhea ...always smiling with the cute dimple in her right cheek. As usual ....trying to act matured enough Rhea began," Iona...don't worry. Don't get nervous. we all are praying for you." Aimee cut her down by," She's not nervous. She is going to do great...we all know that. She is a good student and she will get through to a good engineering college . But why are you so nervous and behaving weirdly."
After a moment of silence , Rhea revealed," Please don't mind...I am actually in love".
Iona and Aimee was dumbstruck and they stood still for quite a while until Rhea spoke again, " Why are you two staring at me with your eyes popped out. I haven't done anything out of the world...guys. I have fallen in it a crime? duh...!!." She waited for one of them to say something and felt very embarrassed by their reaction. Aimee burst out into laughter and Iona couldn't control too. " Who's that lucky guy? When did you exactly fall in love...babe. You 've never mentioned about it to us before. Tell us everything in details," Aimee spoke with a bit of naughtiness in her tone.
Rhea almost cried when Iona hugged her and spoke softly to her saying, " Love is a wonderful thing. Everyone can fall in love and you are no exception. But you are still very young to experience it in the true sense. Whatever you are experiencing is not love but you've a crush upon whoever that is. Tell us everything that you want to say. We are always there for you." Iona has been very composed from her childhood. She carefully chooses her words and that makes her far more wiser than her age.
Rhea felt happy and comfortable and started her story," We used to study in the same class and in the same school until he took transfer to a  all boys school from class 4. I used to like him but now I have realized that I am actually in love with him. I so want to meet him and talk to him.I don't get to see him very often but when I do my heart pumps very wildly. I feel so good these days and a bit  nervous too. He doesn't know about all these because we don't talk to each other. If my love is true and if he loves me then he will come to me one day...and I will wait for him till then.If he doesn't come and has no similar feeling then my love story would be a desolate one and would die by itself. Whatever happens later is my destiny but right now I feel very good and the world seem so beautiful. So, tell me...have I committed any crime?"
Aimee and Iona stood still speechlessly stared at Rhea in awe. They have discovered the maturity in their little friend. They both thought to themselves why haven't they fell for someone like Rhea did all these years. Strangely they both silently accepted that whatever they opinionated about Rhea's immaturity should be totally taken aback.They smiled at her and congratulated for entering the world of love. But Aimee...being the eldest of them all felt her moral duty to speak out a few words of wisdom before they rushed downstairs for lunch. With a tone of maturity Aimee started," Love is not a crime honey...but you are still very tender to be affected by it. You should concentrate on your studies and stand up for yourself first. Moreover you are unaware of his feelings too. We just don't want our friend to get hurt. And we will always be there just behind you. Just don't do anything stupid...Alright?"
The three of them smiled at each other and stood up to fill their tummy downstairs.They felt very good about the entire incident and their bond of friendship gained strength even more.
After lunch...they all discussed about the future plan of Iona and left for their respective nests to meet up the following day once again when Iona's results are declared.
Iona, as expected , clean sweep with a 94.8% in her 12th exams which is a pretty good score for her to get admission in any good engineering college. They all felt very proud of her as her father declared that he has planned her engineering studies in Mumbai's finest engineering college,the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology , Andheri West.After a brief celebration...everybody parted.                       (to be continued.....)


  1. A very interesting piece....depicting the various stages of friendship....i guess everyone has been through this phase in their lifetime....

    Brings back fond memories of the past...

    Kudos keep writing!!!!


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