Introducing Rhea,Iona and Aimee....a story of three ladies !!! ( Part 1)

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same."
Friends are those people whom God creates for the sole reason of loving you for what you are. They are the angels who takes care of you when you need them the most. And here is a story of three such best friends who have been together although they don't belong to the same age group.

Rhea, a 18 year old extremely chocoholic ,carefree and a cute looking girl who is noticeably fair and has a dimple which pops up in her right cheek whenever she smiles. She knows she's beautiful but the extra pounds accumulating in her for her excessive intake of chocolates keeps her a bit far from being termed as 'sexy'.She is pursuing her bachelor's degree in Zoology now.
 Iona , a 24 year old bespectacled  computer genius with a slightly tanned complexion is least bothered about her looks and has a very high ambition of being a CEO one day,of a IT company, the leading one in the country. She has just completed her MBA and has already got a job in IBM. 
And the third one and the interesting unpredictable of them all is Aimee with a fair complexion, sexy figure and confidence in her stride...extremely attractive and vibrant. Although she's the eldest of them all.... nearly completing her 27th year of her life, she looks much younger than her age.She is working in a company which deals with the digital classes of the schools, as a support and operation manager.
How they became friends is itself a very interesting story! They all met coincidentally in a wedding 6 years ago when Rhea was only 12 and was a student of the 6th standard, Iona , 18 then had just appeared for her HS finals and Aimee , on the other hand was 21 years old doing her graduation with English as her major subject. The bride of the wedding was Aimee's school friend, Iona's first cousin and Rhea's second cousin. They were destined to meet in that wedding, the entire night during the ceremony and their souls had to collide for their story to be told.
As they were sitting in the sofa facing the bride and the groom performing the rituals before the 'fire-god', disturbed by the smoke and the drowsiness, Aimee broke the silence with the sentence which the three of them agreed at once......and the sentence was," Why did Sanz (the bride) agreed to marry so soon?" , Iona meekly answered on behalf of Sanz ( Sangita, the bride) " She thinks managing a husband and a kitchen is easier than brainstorming with her lousy books." And Rhea added ,"Moreover she flunked twice in class 6, which makes her 23 now n that is a pretty suitable age for marriage in our family. Tender brides look more beautiful in bridal wear, u know!" All three of them laughed and from that moment on became very good friends.  They had a common mindset in spite of their age difference and they all believed that friends are the precious gifts of God. From the moment they laughed together , they began to chat with one another that whole night and felt very happy to discover each other. Before they left , they exchanged their phone numbers and decided to meet again after the declaration of Iona's HS results and had agreed to decide about the venue over phone. They actually parted the following day to meet again and again in life. 


  1. I agree with u Banashri, friends are really very important in everyones life. Its with them whom u can share your what u may not be comfortable sharing with others..and people who belong to u in the big external world,which is really very rude.

    I have always believed that parents and relatives are the ones that god chooses..but friends are the ones that we choose and they are not by default when u r born like other relationships.

    a very well written post...wonderful :)
    take care!!!:)

  2. that written by you..amazing..awaiting for more....

  3. Thank u @ Nazish....I consider my life lifeless without frens.I consider them as angels sent by God to take care of you.
    @ Jini....Yes dear...I am trying my imagination to flow through words. I am so glad that you like it. Thank you.

  4. Yep nothing like friends at all.

  5. Anjusmita ChoudhuryJune 30, 2010 at 2:23 PM

    wow Bou, never knew this hidden talent of yours! you have an excellent writing skill!..looking forward for more!

  6. @ Priya....the world seem so beautiful when u r with them.Thanks for dropping by.
    @ Mili...thanks for reading it...have started again after a very long time....a new tread in the story writing venture.Hope I am able to do justice to it.

  7. Hey a very refreshing and close to the heart piece...i can actually visualize the three frens getting together....

    Friends are a special boon to us by God that we cherish and have a choice to choose..

    Love this piece..keep writing!!!

  8. keep writing ... u might fetch a noble someday !!!

  9. Very well written. Just read part-1, will have to read the remaining parts soon.

    Wishing U and UR family a very Happy New Year!



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