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Juggling thoughts !

As a child my mind always used to ask questions which my lips would seal them inside for the fear of making myself look stupid in front of others. Although I tried to be a very obedient child of my parents, somehow I would always land up becoming the culprit of one or the other mischief in our house.I would always try to explain my innocence but my lips would never cooperate. But my father has taught me many lessons while rectifying my mistakes which I have realized are helping me to look at life from a completely different perspective.
        A mother gives birth to a child by nurturing the little life inside her womb for nine months. She is considered as the person closest to her child and the child's absolute identity. Although I vehemently, speak and write about women and her powerful self,my perspective in this case seems to deviate far away from me being a feminist. As my fingers are typing and my mind working at the thought process of whatever comes out  …