Juggling thoughts !

    As a child my mind always used to ask questions which my lips would seal them inside for the fear of making myself look stupid in front of others. Although I tried to be a very obedient child of my parents, somehow I would always land up becoming the culprit of one or the other mischief in our house.I would always try to explain my innocence but my lips would never cooperate. But my father has taught me many lessons while rectifying my mistakes which I have realized are helping me to look at life from a completely different perspective.
        A mother gives birth to a child by nurturing the little life inside her womb for nine months. She is considered as the person closest to her child and the child's absolute identity. Although I vehemently, speak and write about women and her powerful self,my perspective in this case seems to deviate far away from me being a feminist. As my fingers are typing and my mind working at the thought process of whatever comes out  in my column today should be considered very spontaneous and effortless.
        I regret of not saying ,"I love you , Deta !" so much today that tears would blur my vision every time I think about it. It's been 8 years since he left us for his heavenly abode. As a daughter myself, I feel , my father has a greater impact on the values I have learned in my life more than anyone else. He taught me to be independent and to stand up for what I believed to be right.
      The most significant teaching which got imprinted in my soul is the habit of bowing down at the feet of the elders to seek blessings which is considered so clumsy today and to touch the first toes of both the feet of that person. He explained that when you touch the first toes of that person you seek blessings from, a positive energy flows from the person's body to yours and the good thoughts emit good vibes. Ever since that explanation I found a new thrill to repeat the gesture wherever I could and began collecting blessings in the form of positive energy and vibes. I still don't know whether his teachings has any logical explanation but some things are better unexplained. And  I strongly believe that the bag of blessings has given me a lot of strength and energy to fight my battle in life.

         The hearts of the daughters are most strongly connected to their fathers than their mothers in a very special way. Therefore, a daughter tries to discover the qualities of her father in the personality of her life partner when she moves out from the shed of her father's love. The unraveling of her connection with her father while tying the knot appears to be more shattering than the happiness of uniting with the partner of her life for which she uncontrollably sobs the precious drops of pearls.Hence, this happens to be the most important as well as the herculean moment of a daughter's life.
                     " I have two daughters as beautiful  and pretty as can be
                       And hope they connect with their father's soul as beautifully !
           A daughter connected to the soul of her father always learn something special in life      
I know because I did learn somethings very specially even though he is no longer within my sight !"


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