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Introducing Rhea, Iona and Aimee.....A story of three ladies!!! (Part 5)

The sound of the rain falling on the metallic rooftop of the library made Rohan depressed after he decided to stand in the verandah rather than to sit in the chair near Aimee after her unexpected rude behavior. He was wondering why did she behaved so arrogantly ...."The arrogance of the one that you love so intensely stabs your heart so deep that it bleeds profusely and it pains real bad. " He leaned on the wall and closed his eyes before his  moistened eyes  embarrass him before the others present.
  Rohan is a very sensitive kind of a person , compassionate with a charming personality ...well built physique and a cute face. He has been popular amongst his friend circle because of his compassion towards the deprived people. Once he came across a young boy who was wearing a dirty torn shirt and a pair of shorts. The boy was begging for food from the restaurant's owner where Rohan and his friends were having lunch. Rohan noticed that the owner refused to give the boy any …