Introducing Rhea, Iona and Aimee.....A story of three ladies!!! (Part 5)

The sound of the rain falling on the metallic rooftop of the library made Rohan depressed after he decided to stand in the verandah rather than to sit in the chair near Aimee after her unexpected rude behavior. He was wondering why did she behaved so arrogantly ...."The arrogance of the one that you love so intensely stabs your heart so deep that it bleeds profusely and it pains real bad. " He leaned on the wall and closed his eyes before his  moistened eyes  embarrass him before the others present.
  Rohan is a very sensitive kind of a person , compassionate with a charming personality ...well built physique and a cute face. He has been popular amongst his friend circle because of his compassion towards the deprived people. Once he came across a young boy who was wearing a dirty torn shirt and a pair of shorts. The boy was begging for food from the restaurant's owner where Rohan and his friends were having lunch. Rohan noticed that the owner refused to give the boy any food and was driving him away like a stray dog. He felt very bad and came forward to buy him some food . The boy thanked him with his eyes without uttering a word which touched his heart and he felt very good. And to the surprise of everyone witnessing the whole act, Rohan gave him his shirt too as he was wearing an inner with which he thought he would be able to carry out without being nude. He felt so happy after the entire incident that his face brightened with a fulfilling smile when he came back to join his friends again. One of his friend stroke his head being well aware of such incidents taking place several times before. " When people have  hearts made of gold , their faces dazzle with happiness and it reflects in their nature" .
Aimee peeped through the window to check whether Rohan was still there in the verandah as the rain has stopped and people taking shelter from the heavy downpour began to move out. When she couldn't trace Rohan,she sighed a breath of relief. And she collected the books she wanted to issue, got hold of her bag and came forward to the librarian's desk. The librarian issued her the books and she came out to the veranda to find Rohan leaning at the wall near the window with his eyes closed. She missed a heart beat and held her breathe for a couple of seconds. It didn't take a fraction of a second to realize that her unruly behavior had hurt him deeply. She couldn't ignore him and step ahead . She stood there to decide what she ought to do when suddenly Rohan opened his eyes and saw Aimee facing towards him. Her presence make him forget every pain and so he smiled wryly. His smile made Aimee feel sorry for what she did and the word ,"sorry"popped out of her mouth without any warning. She bit her tongue after she realized how stupid she sounded and stroked her hair behind her ear and decided to go. Rohan stopped her politely by asking her whether she would like to talk to him to know him better over a cup of coffee in the naerby coffee shop. This time Aimee dare not refuse him. She agreed and both of them headed to the coffee shop which was just round the corner.


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