Introducing Rhea,Iona and Aimee....a story of three ladies !!! (part3)

Aimee lazing in the swing chair in the porch with a book in her hand was lost in her thoughts. The cup of tea that she was sipping  a while ago laid beside her in the floor half filled. She was thinking about Rohan...the crazy guy who has been following her for a couple of months now. The other day in Iona's place....Rhea's confession has compelled her to think about this guy. She hasn't mentioned about him to anyone not even to Iona and Rhea ...whom she considers as her best friends now. The irony about this crazy guy is that he is 3 years younger than her and is crazily in love with her. He follows her with his bike to almost everywhere she goes. He came to her one day when she was shopping in a mall and without any hesitation revealed his love for her. She told him to get lost without paying much attention. She thought that it was very weird of a guy to fall in love with a gal who is elder to him. Strangely...she was thinking of him today and everything he did from day one came before her eyes as if she was watching a movie. Why is she thinking of him anyway.....she thought to herself. Brushing off the thoughts that were disturbing her she leaned towards the cup of tea and caught hold of it to realize that it was no longer hot enough to consume. She thought to herself that it was surprising that  the guy whom she  never paid a heed to, took so much of her time today unconsciously. She blamed it on Rhea and her conversation that day.She then composed herself and headed to take a refreshing bath. She thought of visiting the library after that and get back before brunch time. Aimee always plans before she executes. Accordingly, after taking the freshening bath she stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself like she never did before. Her shoulder-length wet  hair made her look more beautiful. She had an attitude as a child because she knew that she was beautiful. She also realizes that almost everyone tend to give her a glance when she passes by and that makes her more confident . She was not interested in boys and for that matter in love either. As a lady of 21 years, she had that perfectly trimmed figure and the prominent features of her fair complexioned face makes her an attractive piece of art !
She decided to wear the chiffon frock which had white and light green floral print , applied some moisturizing cream on her face and wore her favorite pink gloss in her lips. By letting her hair loose she looked at herself and knew that she looked 'Wow'. She headed for the library to ponder over the books that she needed to refer in order to make notes for her text.  She knew she had to read as many books to refine her skill in language writing.
As she shouted for the rickshaw she saw some dark clouds in one corner of the sky and the cool breeze that blown her hair made her happy. She sat in the rickshaw and wondered that she should have brought an umbrella and shouldn't have worn the white pair of shoes.  She realized that she reached the library in no time while she was busy over the phone talking to a friend from her college. By now the dark clouds have covered almost half of the sky. After she paid off the rickshaw she hurried inside the library and saw the librarian smiling at her. The middle-aged librarian always greets her with a smile and helps her willingly to find her books. She started," Sir, I want to see some reference books which can help me in refining my way of writing". He showed her a few of them and told her that she can only take two of them with her if she wants to. She decided to flip over some of the pages of each so that she can make up her mind to take the best two of them. As she got busy with them she heard the rain pouring outside . She will have to skip brunch today it seems because of the rain....she murmured. As she finished the first book, she lifted her head and was startled when she saw Rohan at the doorstep........" What the hell is he doing here?" She grinned.
                                                                                             ( to be continued............)


  1. Who says that Doctors(particularly Dentists) can not be good sensible writers??? Banashri, my dear friend..u r fantastic..fantastic writer..honestly..from my heart

  2. Banashri...simply loved it!! U write so well was as if i was there in that scene with Aimee..any plans of coming up with a novel in the near future...i mean your awesome ya..simply awesome:)!
    Just dont stop writing...plz keep on writing !!
    M waiting for the next part..!!

    take care :)!!

  3. Thanks..Nazish....those words were encouraging...just wanted to try out my imagination...thats all. Pliz do correct me if I go wrong anywhere...I would love that !


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