Unspoken thoughts of a woman !!

    Anita couldn’t believe that she had just not only talked to her favourite author, Aarav Sinha but also won the contest and meeting him in person the very next day seemed so good. The lethargy which usually engulfs her due to her sickness simply transformed into a cool breeze of pleasant enthusiasm. She gained strength to lift herself up and drag herself to the mirror. She inspected her looks and felt disappointed to see her entangled hair, shrunken eyes and cracked lips. She made up her mind to improve her looks. She applied a bit of balm on her lips, gave her hair a gentle oil massage and decided to sleep nicely to mend her shrunken eyes for the following evening. She never felt so self obsessed before. She gave her maid special instructions for the next morning before she went to bed.
She woke up early in the following morning and went to her balcony to watch the world waking up so happily. The sun scattered a saffron hue on her body as soon as she reached for her chair very carefully .She let loose herself on her chair and closed her eyes, took a deep breath and  that the morning freshness never felt so ecstatic before. She felt the happiness from deep inside her soul. She went to take a refreshing bath and after half an hour she came out of the bathroom feeling happy. She was unconsciously wearing a sweetening smile ever since she woke up. She sat on the tool in front of her mirror in order to work on her looks. She didn’t want to look like a sick girl anymore. As she removed the towel that she had wrapped her hair with, her long black wet hair bounced over her shoulder and extended to her lap. She felt beautiful inside. The disease has overshadowed her zeal of living life beautifully. She thought to herself as she monitored her looks in the mirror, her big eyes with curved eyelashes ,the sparkling white teeth and the dimple that deepens in her right cheek when she smiles makes her look very pretty. She dried and brushed her hair and wondered why she was so exclusively conscious about her looks today? She has been reading his books, from his very first published novel and has fell in love with his work. She wanted to look her best when she would meet her favourite author for the very first time in her life. She looked at the wall clock and calculated that there’s still 10 hours left for the stipulated time of his arrival. She decided to order for her morning soup which she has been refusing ever since she has been bedridden. Her maid, Paro was shocked as well as happy to receive that order from her. Paro hurried to the kitchen without much delay.
Anita was suffering from acute pancreatitis, a disease of the pancreas. It is the sudden inflammation of the pancreas and depending on its severity, it can have severe complications and high mortality despite treatment but mild cases are often successfully treated. She has been bedridden ever since she had the attack of severe epigastric pain about 4 months ago. The hospitalization and the severity of the disease have squeezed everything out of the ever smiling and happy Anita. For the very first time after 4 months she felt life inside her all over again.
She was under strict diet restriction and had to follow certain rules. But today she wanted to break free. She took the remote control of her television set and began to change the channels in order to kill time. She had ordered Paro to prepare various types of snacks for her guest that evening. As she was lying in her bed carelessly before her TV sets she fell asleep probably because of her weakness.
The 4’o clock alarm startled her awake. Her heart pumped a bit faster than normal when she thought that there’s only an hour left for his arrival. She went to her wardrobe to select a dress for the evening. She took her favourite pair of blue denims and a purple T-shirt. She went to her mirror and applied a thin layer of gloss in her lips and decided to keep her hair loose. She smiled at herself and felt pretty good at her appearance in the mirror. She decided to go downstairs to the living room before his arrival and cross check the instructions she had given Paro.
The smell of the ‘tube roses’ at the corner of the living room lingered all around and made Anita feel more happy and excited about the entire ambiance. She became more excited when she saw the clock striking 5. She waited eagerly to hear the sound of a car rushing through the gate of her house when she suddenly heard a car honking at her gate and she stood up from her chair holding her breath.


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